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Chateau Noisy. (B)

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Chateau Noisy, A well known castle among the urbex photographers.

The construction of this neo-Gothic castle began in 1866, to be fully completed in 1907. It is one of the rare new-Gothic Revival buildings in Belgium. In Germans occupied the castle in the years 1939 - 1945, after WOII the Belgium railroad company used the castle and made on part into a holiday accomodation for children. When the earl left the castle for good in 1958 the railroad company used the whole building as an holiday accomodation for children. The it received it's new name "House of the Noisy". In 1977 the railroad company stoped using the castle. The earl founded a company who took the castle over. The castle kept the function as a holiday accomodation for children till 1991, from then on the castle is abandoned.  

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