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I'm Rob van den Wijngaart and photograph. I prefer to do it when the sun is down, I like it a lot being on my way all evening and night! Shooting in darkness, closely followed by urbex and macro photography is what I like the most. For the rest I photograph what I like. Unfortunately I have to combine photography with my job, but working in shift gives me a lot of free time.

Look around on my site and let me know what you think!


Last Update:

sep 16th, added urbex photos of Gravestone Church, Belgium.
sep 16th, added urbex photos Beerbrewery Eylenbosch, Belgium.
sep 03th, added startrail photos of various locations.
aug 29th, added urbex photos House of Escher, Belgium.
aug 24th, added macro photos of several insects.
aug 24th, added urbex photos Prison guard houses, Belguim.
dec 13th, added urbex photos De Faam, The Netherlands.
okt 16th, added urbex photos Chateau Bambi, Belgium.

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