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La Piscine Solvay / Piscine Du Mosq (B)

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Swimming pool 'Piscine Du Mosq' at night. The real name is actualy 'La Piscine Solvay', it became Piscine Du Mosq after a group of muslims founded an illigueal mosquee in it.

Here is some breef history of the pool, translated from Frence.

Solvay pool, also known as "the Friendly pool" symbolizes the spirit of a certain fringe of industrial capitalism in the first half of the twentieth century, on the edge of social and paternalism. In 1937 the company Solvay, whose "pioneer" plant is located in Couillet began construction of a building for cultural and social role it intends to use its staff. This building was inaugurated one year later, in 1938, for 75 years of the company. It features a pool, a theater, a casino, a restaurant, a shop and can accommodate various local socio-cultural activities. The building style, blending cubism and industrial architecture uses standards very fashionable at that time.

More information and history is to be found at this website http://www.postindustriel.be/solvay1.html

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