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A former train station (B)

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Train Station Chateau d'Ardenne. The next information comes from Wikipedia. 

Station Château d'Ardenne is a former train station along railway line xxx

Formerly called the station "Halte Royal d'Ardenne", which refers to the Château Royal d'Ardenne, which was built in 1874 by King Leopold II.
He wanted ........ make the tourist center of Belgium, leaving convert the castle into a luxury hotel for kings and for the rich of the world.
From January 1st 1898 the hotel has been run by the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits.

In 1896 a train station was built to receive guests of the luxury hotel.
Right next to the tracks a castellated tower was built on a circular enclosure. The enclosure is in fact the road leading to the castle grounds through the forest, laid out in a circular shape around the turret.
Several buildings of the castle grounds were demolished in the 1970s, but the "station" remained.

The station was closed in 1919 when the luxury hotel had suffered a lot of damage during World War I and was closed.
In 1921 the hotel was opened again, but the station remained closed for good.

(some things i've changed not to reveal the location)

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