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Station Raeren (B)

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Train Station Raeren,

The former border railroad station along the so-called Vennbahn. The railway is up to the First World War, the main connection between Aachen and Luxembourg. The site has remain virtually untouched after stopping train traffic. Apart from the station, there is still some rolling material present, signal boxes, rails and semaphores.
The station is located for years in the major international connection between Aachen and Luxembourg and is also the starting point of the branch line to Eupen. The border station is equipped with a large yard. After World War I changed international relations and slowly decreases the importance of the so-called Vennbahn and various sidelines. In the first years ceased passenger after the Second World War and also freight becoming less important. In 1989, driving the last freight train through Raeren. Since the yard is a company present which refurbishes old locomotives, the railroad between Eupen and Raeren remains in use. Almost the entire site of the former border station meanwhile remains virtually untouched.

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